Hello And Welcome

Im going to be honest here….I have no idea what im doing so apoligies if this is a little messy! I will start with a short bio so you will know what to expect when you (hopefully) start following me.

Im a 29 year old mother of 2 boys, Michael and & James who are 7 & 6, but that said this will not become yet another parenting blog where i tell you that what your doing is wrong or not enough or moan about my children, This will be a place for laughs and jokes and the daily rediculous that is my life!

Besides my darling children i have a crazy best friend who also has children, we do in all honesty probably drink too much.

Along side her are my pets 2 rats and 2 reptiles.

My grammer and spelling are poor, I am sorry for that.

Things that this blog will contain…video gaming, photography, my fails at pinterest crafts, jokes, rediculous stories, my hate for dragonball Z.

Well i hope you stay and i promise i will try to tidy this up at some point…