Christmas…Dont we all just love it!

Its that day after the day after boxing day, Its a Monday although when i woke up this morning (at 9.30 i might add) It took me some time to actually remember what day it is! I can’t of been the only one.

Christmas is always questionable at our home, My youngest doesnt really eat, My eldest eats everything in sight and then some, This year for a change i thought it would be a great idea to invite my friend and her children….This was a mistake! Well the kids were great, all played nicely within reason it was us adults that failed, The rum started at 8am by 8pm we had drunk 2 bottles, which for some would put them out but for us well lets just say we were fine, bar the moment i decided to attempt to throw a box on my wardrobe…for most this would be an easy task for me being vertically challenged it was a feat, i ended up falling into the wardrobe loosing my footing and going crashing into the hoover….i have a wonderful bruise to remind me of my stupidity.

Dinner was due to be at 5pm, It was meant to be one of those help yourself meals where everyone sat together and laughed, I forgot about having to cook the potatoes and the parsnips and the veg….i pretty much remembered to cook the meat and that was it! I ended up ringing my dad in blind panic over it, him laughing at me, my friend trying to cook around me on the phone, Dinner was saved and served at 6pm by then i was so stressed i couldnt even eat. Never again unless someone else responsible is around to help.

But having said all that it was fun, Lots of monopoly, Laughs, Kareoke on the Wii U, The only real major downfall was boxing day and having the build the Lego Dimentions sets which i will have no doubt a huge rant about another time, People who own this game will understand exactly what im talking about…